Wedding Dance


“Hi Toni-Marie, we had a fantastic wedding day!

Here are some pictures of our dance which was a huge success - we had everyone crowded around the dance floor cheering and clapping..... What fun! Thanks for your hard work in getting us there - we really enjoyed it

From the newlyweds - Claire & Simon.”


Learn your first Wedding dance I can give you the confidence to amaze your friends and family on your big day and provide another ever lasting experience for your wedding day. No matter how many Left feet you have! To whatever song you want!

Claire and Simon learnt a 3 minute swing style routine to ‘My Baby just cares for me’ by Nina Simone in 4 one hour lessons in the comfort of their own home.

Claire and JP Carmier learnt a 4 minute dirty dancing routine to ‘time of my life’ from the dirty dancing soundtrack. We hired a studio for this routine because we needed lots of space and because of the lifts! We even got the bridesmaids’ involved! Featured in Surrey Wedding magazine.

See their dance here!